La Pétanque Belgradoise

La Pétanque Belgradoise

The problem

At “Les Boules Mûres” in Belgrade (Namur, Belgian province), the indoor playing hall of the popular boules club was plagued by a serious reverberation problem. A lot of members liked to linger in the cafeteria after their game had ended. Unfortunately, the intelligibility of the room was impaired after the renovation of the building: there were a lot of hard materials that provide the ideal setting for reverberation to occur, due to the low absorption rate of such materials. COUST came to their aid!

Our solution

After our on-site survey of the acoustic situation, a plan was devised to reduce the reverberation time from 1,8 seconds to a more pleasant reverberation time of 0,8 seconds. A seamless ceiling panel (COUSTceiling) of 17,5 m² covered the entire length of the room. On the wall, the chairwoman, Dominique Renier, wanted to hang an original illustration of the comics artist Franquin. We fitted an COUSTwall (acoustic wall) of 8 m² to that wall, covered with a printed image out of a Gaston comic book. We devoted a lot of attention to the quality of the printed image, since an image of insufficient quality would yield an imperfect result when enlarged to such dimensions.


The end result is flawless. The necessary amount of sound-absorbing material was installed, achieving the predetermined reverberation time as promised. The perfect comic book image on the wall offers a nice allusion to the activities of the club and a touch of humour. A beautiful illustration of combining our effective acoustic products with the ability to customise our products to the wishes of our clients!

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