What makes us unique?

Reliable partner with clear solutions

Our products do what they are supposed to do and we are very proud of their efficiency. We make no empty promises that we cannot fulfill. In advance, you will know what we can and cannot guarantee. We will always assess the acoustic problem thoroughly, we will think alongside you and we will consequentially give you clear advice, including concrete solutions: a clear offer and a warranty - in black and white.

High-quality products with hightest absorption values available on the market

The products of COUST distinguish themselves in how they combine their superior acoustic properties with a qualitive and durable finish.

All our products have an acoustic core with a high level of density, in addition, they have the ideal thickness to absorb 100 % of all sound frequencies that can be perceived by man.

Our products have been tested by the laboratory for sound absorption measurements Cauberg – Huygen (Zwolle, NL). Have a look at the results of these measurements here.

Guidance from beginning to end: from advice to production and installation

Selling an acoustic product is easy, selling an acoustic solution is not.

For every project, we have technically trained people at the ready to discuss the issue with you. After a thorough evaluation of the problem, we determine if it is necessary to visit the place and to measure the level of reverberation (large and complex projects). You will soon receive a detailed price quotation, after which we will be happy to guide you through the entire process from order to installation.

Custom-made: fully customisable

COUST excels at its custom-made solutions, customised to every situation and customer. A wand panel with a printed picture, an inconspicuous ceiling panel in the same colour as the ceiling itself or desk screens in the company colours? We ensure that our solution will be optimally integrated into the interior. Profile colours, dimensions, type of fabric, printed picture or not, are completely up to the customer.

We have a wide assortment of solid-coloured fabrics. In addition, you can provide us with your own picture, or you can look for an appropriate picture in high resolution in internet image libraries.  

Superior finish with a sleek look

The products of COUST are known for their superior quality. Our powder coated aluminium frames (internally developed) are scratch proof and alongside the use of a PVC clamp profile, they ensure that the fabric is seamlessly and evenly stretched out on top of the acoustic core. The Trevira CS fabrics – stabile microfibers – remain properly stretched out for decades. The addition of a flannel canvas in between the absorbing material and the visible fabric ensures a sleek look. Sublimation printed pictures provide a clear-cut result.

Own production by experienced professionals

All our solutions are manufactured at our workshop in Zwijnaarde (near Ghent). Our motivated professionals do everything they can to prepare the installation and/or assemble the necessary product(s) as precise as possible. This same team takes care of the products’ professional installation at the place of the customer’s own choosing.

Craftsmanship: everything taken care of down to the last detail

You can always count on the expertise of our entire team. If you have any questions, you can always contact our trained employees, who will be happy to offer you advice, as well as to guarantee punctual planning and project follow-up. You can count on our team of seasoned professionals for the installation. They ensure a flawless and state-of-the-art-execution. 

100% guarantee after professional reverberation time measurement

We stand for high-quality products and a transparent approach. After a professional reverberation time measurement, we provide you a 100% result guarantee on the promised reverberation time. This entails that if you comply with the advice contained in our price quotation, we guarantee that our product will change the measured reverberation time to match the promised reverberation time. If this objective is not accomplished, then we look for an additional solution at our own expense.

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