Acoustics in churches

Reverberation is often associated with churches. This is no wonder, since high ceilings, vaults and tall glass panes create a very high level of reverberation. Nowadays church buildings are often used for concerts, workshops, exhibitions, etc. It is important that the problem of reverberation is solved for these events, since intelligibility plays a key role. To achieve intelligibility a specific approach is required.

Acoustics in churches

This new function of church buildings assumes the need for new acoustics. The acoustic solution is challenging, since the adaptations may not hamper the church building’s beautiful sounding board. Fortunately, insightful use of noise-damping materials in strategic locations is one of our many strengths.

A fitting solution for your church

COUST is the right address, if you want your church to have the best acoustics. Our acoustic products ensure a calm atmosphere and a reduction of reverberation levels. Have a look below at some of the churches we have provided with optimum acoustics.

This is but a small selection of projects, feel free to ask for more references.

Some projects in churches

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