Acoustics in healthcare

Good acoustics in a care centre or hospital is very important. Too much noise can cause a lot of stress and a poor night’s sleep both to the patients, as well as to the employees. When we get older, our hearing often gets worse. Especially elderly people and people with hearing problems suffer from the fact that the filter capacity of their ear declines and that sounds become indistinct and mushy to them. By implementing acoustic measures in the common room or lounge, we can make a huge difference!

Good acoustics in healthcare are important for both patients and staff

The solution for improving the acoustics is putting noise-damping material in strategic locations. In healthcare facilities there are commonly hard and smooth materials, due to hygienic reasons and the need for easy maintenance. These materials don’t absorb the noise, but reflect it back into the room. There are different sources of noise, such as the sounds of medical devices, multiple conversations of employees, patients and visitors. A loud and stressful environment is created by the lack of absorption.

Restoring peace and quiet to your care centers with our acoustic solutions

Our range of acoustic solutions restore peace and quiet to your hospital or care center. After an on-site survey, we guarantee a qualitive and aesthetic solution with warranty. The following facilities have preceded you. Both the employees and the patients were very pleased with the result of our efforts.

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Residential care center - Oostkamp Caritas - Melle

Some projects in healthcare

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