Acoustics in medical practices

Unfortunately, poor acoustics are common at the dentist, the doctor’s and the physiotherapist. Both the waiting room as well as the consultation rooms have this problem.

Acoustics in medical practices

We improve the acoustics in medical practices by dealing with the reverberation. As a result of our solution, privacy will be restored. The conversations between the doctor and the patients in the consultation room will stay confidential as it should be. More privacy will put the patients more at ease. The ambient noise in the waiting room will also be solved professionally.

Fitting solutions for the acoustics in medical practices

COUST is the place to be for optimum acoustics in your medical practice. Our acoustic wall and ceiling panels reduce not only the level of reverberation, but also create a calm atmosphere in the rooms. Let yourself be inspired by the allure of your predecessors’ medical practices below.

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Some projects in medical practices

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