Acoustics in other situations

Do you experience poor acoustics in a situation, we have not discussed separately? No problem at all. Every situation requires a unique approach and we are more than qualified to offer you that.

Tailored acoustic solutions for each room

We improve your acoustics, no matter the situation. Foremost, COUST will always assess the problem thoroughly and discuss this with the client. Based on this evaluation and conversation, we will formulate a fitting solution. That’s the second step of our process. This solution will not only be functional, i.e. reduce the reverberation, but also decorative matching the clients’ aesthetic wishes. All of this has a warranty. To conclude, our products will be perfectly integrated into their surroundings. Challenge us with your project, we will be happy to meet it head on.  

An acoustic solution for every situation

We already have experience with diverse situations, these include schools, dining halls, gyms, party rooms, nurseries, police situations, funeral parlors, etc. Below you can see some examples.

This is but a small selection of projects, feel free to ask for more references.

Some projects in other situations

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