Villa Vesalius

Villa Vesalius

The problem

In his search for an appropriate acoustic solution for his recently renovated “Villa Vesalius”, we were contacted by Kevin Taelman. At this inspiring location in Knesselare, you can spend the night in one of the classy studios, or you can rent the large meeting room to conduct a seminar, workshop, etc.

This large meeting room is located at the second floor, below the gabbled roof. The beautiful, wooden trusses have remained visible and you can look into the roof-ridge. Consequentially, this also means that sound has free rein to spread. Recently plastered walls and a high ceiling… an ideal breeding ground for disruptive sound reflections.

Our solution

During the measurement of the reverberation, a very high reverberation time of 2,6 seconds was assessed. This is anything but an ideal situation for even a couple of people to talk, let alone holding a seminar for 40 people. Reducing the reverberation time to 1 second required 20 m² of COUST’s acoustic material. We distributed this amount over 3 ceiling panels (COUSTceilings) on the sloping walls in between the trusses.

We have experienced a huge improvement in terms of the room’s acoustics. That’s not all, it has to be said that your team did a great job aesthetically. The result deserves to be seen as well as heard.

Kevin Taelman - Villa Vesalius


Our ceiling panels have created an almost invisible, elegant solution for the acoustic problem, which is now a thing of the past. Our client was deeply appreciative of our workmanship.

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