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Our website (hereafter referred to as “Website”) utilizes cookies to optimize its efficiency and your experience. Hereunder an overview (and a more extensive explanation) of the cookies, used on this website, is provided. 

By proceeding with your visit to our website, you are considered to have accepted our Cookie Policy. If you do not agree with our Cookie Policy, we request that you make no further use of our website. 

This text only concerns itself with the use of cookies. Our complete Privacy Policy can be consulted at hier.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small (text) files that your computer downloads, when you visit the website. Cookies are retrieved on every subsequent visit to this website or by a different website that recognizes the specific cookie in question. A website can recognize you (and your computer) by means of cookies.

Some of the reasons for cookies is to enable an efficient navigation between the web pages, a personalization of the website in accordance with your preferences or to increase the general usability. 

In advance, we would like to apprise you of the fact that your privacy is one of our priority objectives, and of the fact that our cookies function in strict accordance with the law.

Which kinds of cookies are there?

•    Essential cookies. These cookies are necessary for the website to function properly. They ensure that the basic functions, such as page navigation, protection and loading time, can be operated correctly. 

•    Persistent cookies. These cookies collect and store information about your choices and preferences on the website. This enables us to remember your language setting for instance, this way on every subsequent visit, the language setting is automatically adapted to your previous choice. 

•    Analytical cookies. These cookies analyse in which way the website is used, which pages are visited most frequently, where problems occur, etc. This information enables us to improve our website and make it more enjoyable. 

•    Advertising cookies. These cookies analyse the browsing behaviour of website visitors and use it as a basis to compile a user profile. This can be utilized to display advertisements that are in line with your interests. In general, such cookies originate from third parties (such as Google or Facebook), they collect the information and process it to align advertisements with your interests.

As a general rule, our cookies expire automatically.

Which specific cookies do we use?

1.    First party cookies. These cookies are set by us and they only collect website information. They organise the technical aspects of the website and store information concerning a visitor’s engagement with the website, such as the language selection, visited pages, and the time that is spent on the website.

Domain name:
Name cookie             Type of cookies    Retention period
ci_session                   Essential               1 day
csrf_Coust_name      Essential               1 day
_ga                              Analytical             2 years
_gat                            Analytical             1 day
_gid                           Analytical              1 day

2.    Third-party cookies. These cookies are set by other parties. They are frequently used to trace the online behaviour during visits to multiple websites.

Domain name:
Name cookie    Type of cookie    Retention period
Collect               Advertising         Session

We have configured Google Analytics in such a way that the observations of Google Analytics are only shared with Google anonymously.

Domain name:
Name cookie    Type of cookie    Retention period
p.gif                   Analytical             Session
Domain name:
Name cookie    Type of cookie    Retention period
NID                    Advertising         6 months
rc::a                    Advertising        Permanently
rc::b                   Advertising         Session
rc::c                   Advertising         Session
The personal data, collected by the cookies that are used by us, are retained as long as determined in the Privacy Policy.

How can you manage the cookies?
You can refuse the analytical, functional and advertising cookies by indicating this in our cookie settings. 

By managing your own browser settings, you can decide which cookies you will accept. If you refuse analytical, functional and/or essential cookies, it is very likely that certain elements of the website will work less efficiently or not at all.

How to set your browser is indicated here:
•    Internet Explorer:
•    Safari:   
•    Chrome: 
•    Firefox:  
•    Opera: 

We can change this cookie policy at any given time. You will be apprised of this change after its realization during your next visit by means of our cookie banner. 

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