Fitness studio Ferm/Spel

Fitness studio Ferm/Spel

The problem

In the town of Bevel, located in the middle of the meadows in the Belgian region the Campine, we can find Ellen Van Poecke and Filip Smets’ renovated farmstead. These passionate personal coaches have recently converted their old barn into an inspiring fitness studio  Ferm/spel with training programs and workshops open to all. When the physical exertion ends, Ellen and Filip like to chat with their customers, while having a healthy drink. However, out of an acoustic perspective, the old barn wasn’t ‘fit’ enough to allow such relaxation, requiring us to ‘exercise’ our expertise in acoustics.

Our solution

The barn had a tasteful design, hence a perfect match for our acoustic solutions. The authentic beams left a nice and convenient framework for us to install a large ceiling panel (COUSTceiling). To accomplish this feat, we had to use two story scaffolding. A large panel with a printed image (COUSTpanel) was aligned expertly with the transition from brick wall to plastered wall (photograph by Frauke Van den Broeck). We attained the remainder of the required m² of acoustic materials by installing an COUSTwall printed with a photograph that fits with our customer’s concept (photograph by Het Kempens Erfgoed).

Everything ran smoothly yesterday. Your people did a great job. Our compliments to them. We are very pleased, both in terms of the improved acoustics as well as the quality of the printed pictures. Our barn looks even nicer than before. Thank you for the work done.

Filip Smets - Fitness studio Ferm/Spel


Our acoustic solutions have empowered the concept of this fitness studio: a confidential, playful atmosphere in which one can train without distraction. The marvellous images are a nice addition to the interior bursting with character, and provide a playful touch, fully in line with the philosophy of Ellen and Filip. Hence, the customer was very pleased with the result.

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