History & Philosophy


COUST aims to create a pleasant work and living environment for everyone. We offer acoustics solutions that have no equal, both aesthetically, as well as acoustically.

Respect is the central concept in our company. We respect our customers, employees, distributors and the environment.

Respect for our customers: "Only the best is good enough"

All of our products have our full confidence. Every customer receives transparency and a professional explanation about our products and working method. No empty promises here: we only promise what we can fulfil, from bid to the installation, and we deliver as promised. After our clear evaluation of the situation, we come up with concrete solutions.    

Respect for our employees

Our company motto “only the best is good enough” does not only apply to our customers, but to our employees as well. This gives them peace of mind. Our saleswomen, planners, marketeers, production workers, etc.: all of them know that the quality of our products has the priority over production speed as well as its installation. This leads to a positive working atmosphere with motivated employees becoming a close-knit team, who all put the high quality first.  

Respect for our distributors

Along our distributors, we constantly look for opportunities to improve. This is only possible, because of our respectfulness toward them. We honour our commitments and pay their invoices on time.

Respecting the environment

It goes without saying that we respect the current environmental standards. It is our objective to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible. We have achieved this by actively searching environmentally friendly solutions. Our products are not only sustainable (they will last a couple of decades), but we have invested in sustainable developments and materials, that cause less harm to the environment.  

At the moment, our products are 100% recyclable. We strive for a product, composed out of a minimum of 50% recyclable materials. We pride ourselves in our success rate.


In 1993, Incatro Room Acoustics BV is the first company in the world to develop a high-quality sound-absorbing product that still sets the international standard in its field. As a result of the value it attaches to product development and optimisation, the company becomes a constant reference in the acoustics sector.

In 2015, Sophie Vandekerckhove reaches an agreement with Carl Huijskens (business manager at Incatro Room Acoustics BV NL), as a result of which COUST Acoustics BV comes into being in Belgium. While both companies operate independently from one another, they also work closely together in the area of product development and expertise.

At the end of 2019,  COUST Acoustics becomes a 100% Belgian-owned company. Sophie Vandekerckhove then indeed acquires the minority shareholding of Incatro Room Acoustics BV in Incatro BVBA. At the same time, she takes the opportunity to change the name to COUST Acoustics. As part of the word ‘aCOUSTics’, the trade name of COUST (which in Dutch is a homonym of the word meaning “Shush!” – i.e. quiet) was felt to be more appropriate for the sound-absorption market.

With the change of name, there is no doubt that the company's core value - offering high-quality products - will always be maintained. COUST acoustics always puts quality first. This can be seen from every aspect of the way the business is run: from providing advice and supervising projects from A to Z, to product development, manufacture and, finally, professional installation. COUST only supplies products that everyone in the company stands fully behind. Which, of course, also includes finish and aesthetics.

The future and innovations

To be able to continue providing the answer to the questions asked by every customer, COUST works closely with universities and experienced industry specialists, such as engineers and leading manufacturers. That way, the company is able to stay up to date, and the products state-of-the-art. This close collaboration also keeps creating new developments, which in turn mean that cusumters can enjoy even better acoustics.

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