Our working method

  1. You contact us by telephone, mail or website

    Is it a complex/difficult project?

    Then we would like to come by to measure the reverberation time, free of charge and without obligation.

    Is it a simple/small project?

    We would be happy to invite you to our showroom (by appointment) or advise you by phone or mail. Photographs and plans of the room in question are essential.

  2. Drawing up of a detailed price quotation

    Do you want our expertise?

    You choose a 100% result guarantee on the reverberation time that was promised after the measurement of the reverberation time.

    Do you want our expertise?

    You have chosen a guaranteed result.

  3. When you place an order, you yourself make the decisions concerning profile colours, fabrics and printed pictures.

  4. We customise your order in our workshop.

  5. Within 4-6 weeks the products will be installed by our seasoned assembly team. 

  6. You revel in the excellent acoustics. We add another satisfied customer to our list.

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We deliver and install at the same price throughout Belgium and Northern France.

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