City council chamber Sint-Martens-Latem

City council chamber Sint-Martens-Latem

The problem

In the council chamber of Sint-Martens-Latem’s town hall, important matters concerning the daily government of the town are discussed. The high gable roof and large windows make this stylishly decorated room an amazing sight for every visitor. However, it are precisely these elements that cause long reverberations that interfere with the council meetings. Hence, in 2017, the council decided to contact us, asking for a high-quality solution.

Our solution

In the council chamber, we measured a suboptimal reverberation time of 1.9 seconds. We decided to reduce this to a more comfortable reverberation time of 1 second. There were, however, two major challenges. Firstly, our ceiling panel would have to be installed 7 metres above ground level, on a sloping ceiling. Secondly, there were several low-hanging light fixtures, which forced us to erect complex scaffolding.


On one of the two sloping ceilings that form the gable roof, we installed a breathtaking ceiling panel (COUSTceiling) of no less than 17 by 2.7 metres. The panel is now part of the building’s magnificent architecture, and is a valuable addition to the council chamber. Future visitors will now be even more amazed. Since we were able to produce a great result in only two days, our customers are happy, and we can be proud of this succesful project.

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