The problem

Farmaka, a non-profit organisation that promotes responsible use of pharmaceuticals, is located at a cosy place, with a view of Dok Noord in Ghent. A perfect location, if not for the poor acoustics. COUST was called into action to deal with the acoustics of both the meeting room as well as the common room. After a precise measurement of the reverberation time, COUST presented a clear plan to deal with the problem, with warranty on the promised reverberation time after installation of its products.

Our solution

With great precision, our assembly team installed an COUSTceiling (ceiling panel) in the meeting room. We made some modifications to our panel, in order to preserve the playful lighting. Due to these modifications, every separate light cord could be put through our panel, fulfilling the aim of preserving the lighting.

Our employees reacted very positively to your acoustic solutions. The difference is evident, and your solutions have created a much more pleasing working environment. We were very pleased with your people’s punctuality, neatness and expertise with which all of your works were executed.



In the common room, several ceiling panels were installed above the desks, each time nicely aligned with the desks and the other ceiling panels. The client selected a colour that went well with the already present furniture for the movable COUSTscreens. In this way we solved the acoustic problem by installing our solutions, keeping the aesthetics of the room in mind as well as the most efficient way to deal with the problem. The client was very pleased with the result.

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