Immo Bossu

Immo Bossu

The problem

Real estate office Immo Bussu is located in a modern new building on the Izegemsestraat in Rumbeke. Large, open spaces had to be incorporated into the design of the building: the meeting room and the office merge into one another, even across the first floor. An open plan design in combination with large glass areas made it important to take measures ensuring good acoustics.  These acoustic solutions didn’t only have to be effective, but they also weren’t allowed to harm the open character of the office. COUST knows how.

For this project, we had to integrate our acoustic solutions as well as possible into an existing interior, because the sleek look and minimalistic style had to be maintained. This is completely in line with what COUST represents: custom-made, high-quality products that are modified based on the room’s specific situation and the client’s wishes.

Our solution

We installed several COUSTpanels (wall panels) covered by a plain canvas of RAL 9016 (the same shade of white as the walls) or covered by a grey coloured felt canvas blending in with the grey of the concrete walls. Tackling the staircase leading up to the meeting room on the first floor posed the greatest challenge. We installed two COUSTwalls (custom-made wall panel on the spot) against one another in the same corner on opposing sides, by means of intricate scaffolding. It was demanding work, but totally worth it, when you look at the result.


The client was very pleased about the acoustic effect of our solutions. Aesthetically, we succeeded not only to perfectly integrate our solutions into the rooms, but to contribute an aesthetic surplus to the already sleek look. Our seamless COUSTwalls are without a doubt the eye-catchers of the staircase.  

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