Konvert Courtrai

Konvert Courtrai

The problem

In 2016, Konvert Services contacted us. They suffered a lot from poor acoustics in their HR-office in Courtrai. It was impossible to work calmly in the landscape office of the consultants, the test room and the meeting room. After the measurement of the reverberation time, we gave offered about the different possibilities.

Our solution

In the room with the landscape offices a reverberation time of almost 2 seconds was measured. The multiple phone calls, conducted there, were very tiring. We decided to deal with the problem by installing our acoustics panels on the ceiling (COUSTceilings): this is a very efficient spot for absorbing sound waves. The client chose a black frame with a white canvas, this turned out to be a good choice aesthetically speaking: the black aluminium frame was a perfect match with the black lighting. The reverberation in the meeting room was completely absorbed by an COUSTpanel.  


The consultants could breathe a sigh of relief, after the installation: phone calls were conducted and other assignments were completed in a comfortable setting both in the landscape offices and the meeting room, due to the elimination of the irritating reverberations. Our client was very pleased with the excellent result, these rooms now have good acoustics. A year later, Konvert Services sought our expertise to improve the acoustics in the HR-office of Tournai.  

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