Konvert Tournai

Konvert Tournai

The problem

In 2016, we improved the acoustics in the HR-office of Konvert Services in Courtrai with a lot of success. A year later, in 2017, we were contacted by this satisfied client to improve the acoustics in the office located in Tournai. The large windows gave the impression that the consultation room would be pleasant to work in, due to it being nice and bright in there. However, this impression didn’t take the irritating reverberations into account that were enhanced by multiple expanses of glass.  

Our solution

The rooms and the reverberation time were accurately measured, and the price quotation was drawn up in detail. Our experienced assembly team installed a couple of ceiling panels (COUSTceilings) in the large room without a hitch. All of them were made on the pot and were perfectly aligned with the present spots on the ceiling. Of course, a couple of wall panels with Konvert’s logo (COUSTpanels) couldn’t be missing.


The reverberation time was reduced to a pleasant 0,8 seconds. The office is now an ideal combination of brightness and openness with optimum acoustics. Our client praised our work again. Is there a third project in the making?

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