New private residence Edegem

New private residence Edegem

The problem

In this beautiful new home in Edegem, our acoustic expert could observe a very large reverberation problem in the living room and the hallway. The entire residence is built around a little patio, resulting in a couple of very large glass areas to be in close proximity to each other. In contemporary architecture, glass is often used, due to its transparency allowing a lot of natural light to enter the room. However, using glass also comes with an adverse effect to a room’s acoustics. The hard, smooth surface accelerates the sound reflections, and isn’t able to reduce the sound level that is experienced. Furthermore, the elegant design of this residence, containing few frills, doesn’t offer much absorption of the superfluous sound waves as well. Our soft absorbing materials were much needed.

Our solution

In the living room, we installed a large, seamless COUSTceiling (ceiling panel) of approximately 15 m². Its installation above the sitting room enables optimum acoustics, since most sounds are produced in this room, because it’s the place where children play, where people talk and where the television is located. This strategical placement offers a quick and fast absorption of the sound reflections. In the dining room, an COUSTpanel (acoustic panel) was installed, adorned with a printed image out of the owner’s own archive. The client opted for a small, vertical COUSTpanel with a printed image to solve the reverberation problem in the hallway/staircase.


The owners can now live, play and eat in their living and dining room without acoustic inconveniences. When one descends the staircase in the hallway, one can admire the beautiful image of the CN Tower in Toronto printed on our COUSTpanel. Not only the acoustics are optimal, the interior has obtained a new asset, with the owners’ personal touch, namely the printed images coming from their own archive. This client was more than satisfied with the result.

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