Restaurant Sanzaru

Restaurant Sanzaru

The problem

In Sint-Stevens-Woluwe, you can discover a unique food concept in Belgium: the Japanese-Peruvian cuisine of restaurant Sanzaru (also named Nikkei cuisine). Japanese dishes with a Peruvian touch or the other way around: you should really try it. Not only the dishes are unique, the interior of this marvellous establishment, accommodated into a magnificent, modern property, is as well. Interior architects created a true harmony between various colours and materials. The result was phenomenal, but the acoustics were poor.

Our solution

The reverberation time was far too high in the restaurant and it had to be reduced urgently. Alongside an interior decorator, our expert looked for the best solution. Considering the property had a sophisticated design, an inconspicuous acoustic solution was required. This was fulfilled by means of our custom-made COUSTceilings (ceiling panels). Out of our assortment of plain canvasses, stretched out on top of our acoustic materials, the same shade of purple was selected as the shade already on the ceiling. Our powder coated aluminium frames were assembled in the same anthracite-coloured shade as the lighting.


After the original installation, the acoustic improvement was so evident on the ground floor that the owners immediately decided to let us deal with the upper floor as well. It should be clear that the client and COUST again enjoyed a smooth cooperation and it resulted into the completion of a very successful project.

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