Tafeltje Rond

Tafeltje Rond

The problem

Restaurant “Tafeltje Rond” (EN: Around the Table), being described as “bringing a bit of Paris to Beveren” by its chef Filip Slangen, tantalizes its customers’ taste buds with gastronomical class. A fine cuisine using high-quality and fresh ingredients: who would deprive themselves of such pleasure? If the room has good acoustics, your customers will definitely return. Filip understood this well. Because of this, he contacted COUST after the renovation of the property in order to present his customers with pleasant acoustics.

Our solution

We visited the property to measure the reverberation time and presented this data to the client. To attain a reverberation time of 0,6 seconds, approximately 14 m² of our acoustic material was required. A reverberation time of 0,6 seconds is absolutely indispensable in a restaurant, wherein a lot of people gather to talk with one another.

In the front room, we installed 2 COUSTpanels (wall panels) with a printed image at either side of the door. Between the windows, two other panels were fitted to the wall in the same white colour. The back room was decorated with 3 other wall panels with a beautiful image printed on it, and a black COUSTceiling (ceiling panel) with cables put through for the majestic lighting.


The printed images were chosen meticulously by the client in mutual consultation with COUST. The result can only be described as undeniably marvellous: Paris really lies at your feet. The bold black COUSTceiling merges perfectly into the ceiling and is visually unnoticeable. All these acoustic solutions have helped shape the restaurant’s atmosphere and style. No wonder at all, that our client was very pleased with the result of our efforts.

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