Municipality of Zwijndrecht

Municipality of Zwijndrecht

The problem

At the beginning of this year, the facility manager of the municipality of Zwijndrecht contacted us. His question was: if we could deal with the poor acoustics in the old wedding room of the town hall. This fantastically beautiful room full of authentic elements (chandeliers, decorative frames, etc.) would serve as a rehearsal room for the local music association in the future. Our account manager went to see the situation first-hand and to measure the reverberation time.

Our solution

It was decided to reduce the reverberation time from 1,7 seconds to 1 second. This would require 33 m² of our high-quality acoustic materials. We installed one large COUSTwall (acoustic wall) of 260 cm wide by 400 cm high in two alcoves. We then placed an COUSTceiling (ceiling panel) on both sides of the classic chandelier, parallel to the decorative frames on the ceiling.

I’m very pleased with the results as well as the working method of your people. At the beginning, some figuring out was necessary in order to get the materials upstairs, but it all worked out eventually! I also experience a huge improvement in terms of the reverberation.

Pedro De Bruyn - Municipality of Zwijndrecht


The two COUSTwalls were installed from plinth to ceiling and from wall to wall. By making the colour of the fabric equal to the colour of the walls, we created a tight, seamless and inconspicuous whole with a very high acoustic effect. Despite a number of challenging factors (absence of an elevator to move materials and scaffolding to the first floor, a ceiling height of 6 metres, etc.), our team succeeded once again in providing our client with pleasant acoustics in just one day, therefore a satisfied customer.

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