Private client Lichtervelde

Private client Lichtervelde

The problem

A modern residence with large glass areas, open space, lots of hard materials, little fabric (carpet, curtain, etc.), a minimalistic design… Does this sound familiar to you? That’s right, an increasing number of residences are built/rebuilt/designed by applying these elements. The acoustic problems such as reverberation and poor intelligibility, that originate from these elements, are often overlooked during the construction work. This was also the case in Lichtervelde. COUST was hired to optimize the acoustics in the living space.  

Our solution

During the visit of our professional expert, a reverberation time of 1,6 seconds was measured. A total amount of 11 m² of absorption material was needed to resolve the problem in the dining room, kitchen and open space, and our products were distributed over these three spaces. An open space functions as a reverberation source and amplifier, since its openness causes the sound to be continuously reflected upward. It’s essential that the sounds are absorbed here.

We are satisfied with the installation and the result.

Private client - Lichtervelde


Our assembly team installed a nice, large COUSTwall (a custom-made wall) at a height of 5,5 m, absorbing the sound at the ideal place in this open space. Above the kitchen island and the dinner table, two COUSTceilings (ceiling panels) were installed. We put the electric cables through our panel above the dinner table in four places in order to ensure that hanging lamps could be attached to the ceiling afterwards. The end result can only be described as magnificent. The satisfied client could only confirm this!

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